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Weldable Tile With Dimples                           

Weldable tile with dimples as wear ceramic liner widely used in thermal power,  mine, chemical, cement and other industries  large particles materials handled.

1: Product Structure:

High temperature impact- typeceramic products is firstly fixed in steel substrate by welding bolt. and then screw on the ceramic lid, totally forming a sturdy wear ceramic liner. this product is developed for equipment with large particles material handled , high drop, strong impact ,high working temperature . maximum temperature of 500 degrees is available

2: Features

> Ultra-wear:

Ceramic hardness of more than 8, at least 10 times to extend the service life of equipment.

> Super impact resistance:

This cermaic product is designed with 4 dimples on the surface , the impact resistance has five times resistance  character

> High temperature resistance :

Operating in temperature of 0 degrees ~500 degrees, it can meet the resistance requirement of the general material systems

> Anti-off:

Each ceramic is welded on the steel substrate with high strength and high temperature  bolt , then fixed with strong adhesive bonding, double fixed to ensure anti-off

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