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Wear Ceramic Lining Sheet                                          

Wear ceramic lining sheet is popularly applied for roller conveyor, chute and other equipment with special angle , size, radian because of flexible sizes and plane 

Wear ceramic lining sheet consist of small hexagonal or square tile glued on acetate silk or other special medium. this ceramic tile mats has character of  thin thickness, low weight,flexibility.

which is ideal in applications where weight and space are limiting factors. this tile mats are easily installed by epoxy resin adhesive.

Advantages : much flexible and easy installation by epoxy resin adhesive,  ideal for convave and convex surfaces face where standard tile will not readily fit.

Chemshun wear alumina lining sheet sizes and property :

wear alumina lining sheet sizes and property

Chemshun Ceramic tile linings application


Chemshun ceramic tile mat production and package:

chemshun ceramics--wear ceramic lining sheet

Chemshun wear ceramic lining sheet types :

alumina ceramic tile mats from chemshun ceramics.jpg

Product Technical Data (1: wear resistant ceramic)

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