The Suggestion of Wear Resistant Ceramic Elbow Pipe

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The Suggestion of Wear Resistant Ceramic Elbow Pipe


Chemshun Ceramics produce wear resistant ceramic pipe lining and offer integrated ceramic lined steel pipeline design and installation. With 16-year experience of wear resistant ceramic pipe production and installation. Some suggestions about storage and installation of ceramic elbow pipes can be shared as follows :


Storage of wear-resistant ceramic elbows

1. When storing wear resistant ceramic elbows for a long time, it should be checked regularly. Generally, the outer surface must be kept clean to remove dirt and rust.

2, wear-resistant ceramic elbow should be neatly stored in the workshop where the wind is dry and rain-proof, can not be piled up, stored in the open air or stacked.

3. Always keep the steel elbow dry and ventilated. Pay attention to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the elbow. Store the elbow in the correct way.


Wear-resistant ceramic elbow installation

1. When installing, the wear resistant ceramic elbow should be installed on the pipeline of the wear-resistant pipe according to the connection mode, and install according to the correct installation position of the pipeline.

2. Generally, the wear-resistant ceramic elbow can be installed at any installation point of the pipeline, but it must be beneficial to the maintenance of the inspection equipment. It is recommended that the direction of the wear-resistant ceramic elbow medium flow should be the vertical valve flap from bottom to top. The elbow must be installed horizontally.

3. When the wear-resistant ceramic elbow is installed, pay attention to observe whether the sealing is sealed, prevent fluid leakage during the conveying process, and affect the normal operation of the wear-resistant ceramic elbow.

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