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Pulley lagging ceramics installation process (2)

    — Attention paid during installation

Chemshun Ceramics stated the installation process of ceramic pulley lagging ,here the attentions during installation are illustrated .

1) Smooth processing of pulley: check whether there is dump or defect on the surface pulley , keep welding gap smooth ,to ensure rubber sheet sticked glidingly

2) Mechanical descaling: Decal and de rust the pulley surface With Angle grinder or Sandblasting machine until the original metal color appeared

3) Rubber sheet polished : with Tungsten steel dish for burnish

4) After de rusting, With acetone or high grade clean gasoline clean

equipment surface to remove surface dirt and grease.

5) Adhesive prepared : strictly according to correct adhesive proportion & temperature proportion , mixed equably for good adhesive strength

6) Bottom adhesive daubed equably , not too thick

7) First adhesive daubed after bottom glue complete become dry , at the same time , rubber sheet is daubed first adhesive .

8) Second adhesive daubed after first adhesive complete become dry enough

9) Splice rubber sheet and pulley quickly after second adhesive become half dry

10) Donn’t move after complete splicing , and beat with hammer ,then mending gap

Chemshun Ceramics supply Al2O3 ceramic tile for  pulley lagging ceramics with square or rectangle cermic tile. welcome to inquiry by office@chemshun.com

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