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Tell you how to use alumina hexagonal tile

Alumina hexagonal tile is much different with other alumina ceramic wear resistant tiles, ceramic elbow pipe liner, rubber ceramic wear liner. it is mosaic alumina lining pieces with six sides. so alumina hex tile is not directly bonded in the equipment . Chemshun Ceramics company is alumina ceramic abrasion rsistant lining manufacturer, mainly produce ceramic wear liner, ceramic pipe lining,we are pleasure to share the use of  alumina hexagonal tile. Alumina hexagonal tile application 1st : sticked on the nylone,paper,silk with epoxy resin . it can be airfan impeller liner Alumina hexagonal tile application 2nd : vulcanized in rubber sheet to form rubber ceramic wear liner. which is best choice as ceramic chute liner.
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Coal Industry

Alumina ceramic liners project from Chemshun :     Chemshun Abrasion resistant liners application for coal industry : Coal feeding system  Washing system Conveying system Chutes Pressure cyclone Pipes, elbow Hoppers heavy medium cyclone Pipelines, hoppers Silos Concentrated cyclone group silos, dispensing mouth  
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Mining Industry

Chemshun Ceramics special design and produce wear abrasion resistance ceramic liner products for the mining process industry. The ceramic wear liner used a lot at the extreme condition of impact and abrasion wear resistant, such as the chute, Hopper, Bunker, hydrocyclone, conveyor pulleys, etc. Here is the ceramic wear liner guide information for your reference: Product-1 Application: Item Name : Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner Structure : Rubber + Ceramic Rubber + Ceramic + Steel Used into the extreme condition of impact andabrasion wear resistant, such as the chute,Hopper, Bunker Product-2 Application: Item Name : Alumina Ceramic Plate Style : Welding tile, Plain Tile, Pipe Tile, Applied in : Chute, Pipeline, Hopper, Cyclone Product-3 Application: Item Name : Rubber Ceramic Hose Size : 38~300 mm Applied in : Conveying mining materials…
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Power Plant

Coal pulverizing, ash system , dust removal , coal conveying system and other operation system in coal-fired power plant , every equipment is eazy to damage because of constant friction , corrision , collision To different medium , which seriously cause enviromental pollution and economic damange . So Alumina Ceramic liner as abrasion resistant material becomes best chooce for solving friction problem . Chemshun abrasion resisant project as follows :     Chemshun alumina ceramics application in power plant :
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