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Chemshun Ceramics special design and produce wear abrasion resistance ceramic liner products for the mining process industry. The ceramic wear liner used a lot at the extreme condition of impact and abrasion wear resistant, such as the chute, Hopper, Bunker, hydrocyclone, conveyor pulleys, etc.

Here is the ceramic wear liner guide information for your reference:

Product-1 Application:
rubber ceramic wear liner Chemshun Ceramic wear liner application
Item Name : Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner
Structure : Rubber + Ceramic
Rubber + Ceramic + Steel
Used into the extreme condition of
impact andabrasion wear resistant,
such as the chute,Hopper, Bunker
Product-2 Application:
Chemshun Alumina Ceramic Plate Chemshun ceramic tile liner application
Item Name : Alumina Ceramic Plate
Style : Welding tile, Plain Tile,
Pipe Tile,
Applied in : Chute, Pipeline, Hopper, Cyclone
Product-3 Application:
Chemshun Rubber Ceramic Hose Chemshun rubber ceramic hose
Item Name : Rubber Ceramic Hose
Size : 38~300 mm
Applied in : Conveying mining materials
Product-4 Application:
Lagging Ceramic Tile Liner chemshun ceramic lagging tile application
Item Name : Lagging Ceramic Tile Liner
Style : Rectangle,square tile
with dimples
Applied in : Pulley Lagging
Product-5 Application:
image014.jpg 6363235780092770166498228.jpg
Item Name : Mining Alumina Balls
Size :  2~20 mm
Applied in : Mining Ball Mill For
Grinding Materials
Product-6 Application:
Custom Ceramic Cyclone Liner

Custom Ceramic Cyclone Liner

   6363234418121457993207683.gif Custom Ceramic Cyclone Liner
Custom Ceramic Cyclone Liner More Industrial Equipment
Parts Can Be Custom Designed
By CAD Drawings