How to prevent ceramic elbow pipe from wear damage ?

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Industry pipeline is applied for delivering materials with strong acid and alkali,high temperature,high abrasion wear damage.any pipeline broken will bring heavy materials loss. so how to prevent ceramic elbow pipe from wear, acid and alkali damage ? Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer as pipe supplier introduce ceramic tube pipe as wear resistant pipe lining.
Wear-resistant ceramic pipe elbow features:
1: Good wear resistance
Wear resistant ceramic pipe elbow lined ceramic layer is wear-resistant ceramic, the hardness (HRA)> 84, its wear resistance is high chromium wear-resistant cast iron alloy pipe fittings more than 10 times;
2. Corrosion resistance is good
Selection of different wear-resistant ceramic materials, different corrosive media giant surge excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media and halogen corrosion characteristics
3 high temperature performance is good
Ceramic tube itself has a high temperature resistance above 1000 ℃, through the rational design and use of composite methods, wear-resistant ceramic key in the -50 ℃ to 800 ℃ temperature range of long-term operation
4. Project cost is low, cost-effective
Wear-resistant ceramic is mainly used for tree-hole with particles of solid-liquid two-phase flow of material and corrosive media, used to replace expensive stainless steel pipe, high chromium cast steel pipe, carbide wear-resistant pipe, can directly reduce the project cost , While extending the life cycle. Long wear-resistant ceramic pipe elbow life, cost-effective, can save maintenance, replacement of materials costs and time.
5. Light weight, easy to transport and install Ceramic tube density of 3.60g / cm3, much less than the density of steel 7.85g / cm3. Weight than the same volume of steel light, easy to transport and install.
Chemshun Ceramics Company supply kinds of alumina ceramic tube pipe for wear solution .welcome to inquiry .
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