How to install chute ceramic liner ?

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How to install chute ceramic liner ?

Alumina ceramics is one of the hardest of all natural substances known to chute ceramic liner is applied widely in bulk industrial material handling system. It can effectively minimizes wear and reduces noise while increasing service life , Chemshun Ceramics Company design , manufacturer and install alumina ceramic lining based on customer individual equipment,

operating parameters, functions,with materials of ZTA ceramics, 92% Al2O3 ceramics, 95% Al2O3 ceramics,rubber ceramics available

But How to install chute ceramic liner ? most of end users feel confused when installing the alumina ceramic tile . Chemshun Ceramics Manufacturer offer you the installation tips .

Different shapes of alumina tile ,the installation methods are different,

— Ceramic plain tile : normally pasted on the surface of the facility directly by epoxy resin adhesive or cement.

— Weldable tile : Install on the surface of facility by welding and glue .

— Rubber ceramic tile : rubber ceramic composite liner sheet is generally installed by epoxy resin directly , if rubber ceramic steel backed with bolt, it can be easily installed by bolt and welding.

Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer team can offer standard chute ceramic liner tile and customized size for mining,cement,port,steel plant, power generation plant etc.

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