how to cut abrasion resistant ceramic liner tile ?

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how to cut abrasion resistant ceramic liner tile ?

Cutting abrasion resistant ceramic liner has a certain degree of difficulty for most of end users. because the alumina ceramic material has characters of large hardness, alumina content of 92% or Rockwell hardness of 85 or more, the general hardness of the wheel cann’t cut it, So alumina tile liner only can be cutted with a diamond saw blade. At the same time,ceramic cutting machine also needed

abrasion resistant ceramic liner tile

As abrasion resistant ceramic supplier and manufacturer, When cutting ceramics, we first need to make and decompose the drawing and then cut the alumina ceramic tile size, shape and angle we need according to the drawing. Specific steps as shown in drawings.

Chemshun alumina ceramics is with high hardness, bad cutting operation will affect the use , so be sure to find a professional manufacturer or operator is important. For end users without cutting machine or experience, Chemshun Ceramics Company suggest you to ask ceramics producer to cut well according to your machine sizes and angle when you buy abrasion resistant ceramic liner products.Good ceramic supplier can give you much help and save your time,cost like Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer. Automated engraving machines and cutting machines improve engineering fabricated ability from Chemshun Ceramics.

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