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What is the Abrasion resistant ceramic pipe?

Abrasion resistant ceramic pipe tube liner introduction :

Abrasion resistant ceramic pipe tube lining (also called ceramic tubes or ceramic cylinder rings) mainly include ceramic elbow bend pipe, straight pipe liner, tees, reducer pipes, etc, and abrasion resistant ceramic pipes are used for ceramic lined pipework and fittings of pneumatic conveying and slurry pumping. The conveying medium is featured by high hardness, fast and big flow, alumina ceramic pipe liner can effectively reduce the speed of wearing through by continuous impact, abrasion and corrosion to pipe wall when long-term conveying medium.

Abrasion resistant ceramic pipe

Why choose Abrasion resistant ceramic -Curved Pipe Tile Liner

brasion resistant ceramic is widely used in iron & steel works,thermal & power plants,port and terminals,cement industry etc. it is a technical skill to choose the right wear resistant ceramic tiles when various kinds of ceramic tiles are in front of the curved pipe tile liner is the protagonist.

Why we choose curved pipe tile liner? when the materials are transported through the specialized equipment such as pipe,cyclone,chute,hopper,orifice etc,it generates friction force.the curved pipe tile liners are intentionally pasted on the surface of these equipment by the epoxy glue as protective parts which are against impact power for a long term under different temperatures. This kind of abrasion resistant ceramic is suitable for the application scenario where exists the higher temperature and bended surface .they combine themselves tightly by dovetail groove design, this helps liners fit in the equipment perfectly. In this case it performs excellent wear resistance.

How are abrasion resistant alumina ceramic lining made ?

Most of people know, Abrasion resistant alumina ceramic lining is made of aluminium oxide ceramics and widely as wear resistant materials in mining,cement,power generation,port etc why is this alumina ceramics so hard ? and how is it made ?


Here Chemshun Ceramics Manufacturer and supplier would like to share the ceramics producing fact. Strict quality control during very production is necessary to assure its high density property .

High quality raw material is first important step. Chemshun Ceramics’s major alumina powder raw material is imported from Australia and France . then grinding raw material by ball mill and spray prilling tower. Different shapes of alumina liner like hex tile, square tile, ceramic cylinder is made by dry isostatic pressing machines.Another important process is called firing or sintering .Chemshun Ceramics have one 60-meter tunnel kiln and two pieces shuttle kiln. Temperature in bottom,middle, top of kiln is different, so Precise temperature control can greatly assure the ceramics quality,or all the alumina ceramic liner products in kiln wonn’t reach the property of high wear resistance, high density. At last, selecting finished ceramics is needed from appearance.

Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Balls Can be used in As Mining Ball Mill Grinder

Raw minerals are normally grind-ed into fine powder or particles by ball mill ,kinds of mill grinders are required by miners. In current market, grinding ceramic balls , steel and chrome steel grinding media are widely used for mining ball mill.but abrasion resistant ceramic balls are more cost effective than traditional chrome steel balls for high hardness and low density. Which are more fit for applications where downstream processes are sensitive to surface chemistry and also could avoid to the generation of slimes which combined with those traditional media’s angular shape and high wear rates.

Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer is abrasion resistant ceramic tile and balls supplier for mining industry. For mineral grinding process , Chemshun Ceramics can supply kinds of ceramic balls with different composition and size . according to different application , series of ceramic balls suggested from chemshun ceramics factory .

Balls with Al2O3+SiO2,size 0.5~20. It’s suitable for the stirred mill such as Metso’s SMD and fine milling process of soft materials with low slurry density.
Balls with Al2O3+ SiO2+ZrO2,size 0.5~20.It’s suitable for the stirred mill such as Metso’s SMD and milling the hard minerals.
Balls with ZrO2 +Al2O3,size 0.4~5.0. It suitable for the hard materials’s superfine mills with high speed (up to 14m/S) and high energy input. For example: Outotec’s HIG mill. Flsmidth VXP.
Balls with ZrO2+Y2O3, size 0.2~40 . it is suitable for Chemical materials, paint, printing, ink, pigment,advanced ceramics pastes or powder.electronic pastes: gold platinum, silver, cuprum, stuff, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics.

Welding Ceramic Alumina Tile Liner Used in Power Generation Plant

Power generation plant include many material handling system so that it ensure the entire production system can operate normally with low cost. These system consist of coal-conveying system, coal pulverizing system ,dust removing system, dust disposing system etc. After long -time work, any of one or two equipments may work down because of wear damage. So necessary wear protection by ceramic alumina tile liner is necessary .

Welding Ceramic Alumina Tile Liner Used in Power Generation Plant

Welding Ceramic Alumina Tile Liner Used in Power Generation Plant

On Sep 10th 2018, Chemshun Ceramics produce a batch of welding ceramic alumina tile liner with size 150*100*25mm for power generation plant application. Engineer team went to install personally . after a month application, We checked the ceramic alumina tile lined equipment application again. And got good Satisfaction from owner of power generation plant.

Chemshun Ceramics Company is well know as wear resistant ceramic alumina tile liner manufacturer and exporter for 15 years. At the same time, other service include working environment wear resistance analysis , customized design, ceramic installation also can be offered, welcome to inquiry.

Abrasion resistant Ceramic Chute Liner For Steel Plant

Sintering plant, coking plant transport raw materials with iron ore, coking coal, coke for the next process,using a 24-hour cycle, the flow of iron ore, coking coal, coke is large, The long delivery time is easy to cause the output equipment, especially the chute to wear seriously; often bring the forced parking and mending during production, and some of the chutes are installed in a position of more than ten meters, tens of meters high in the midair, it has much trouble to be removed and replaced. so it is very important to improve the wear resistance and impact strength of the chute lining material. Chemshun Ceramics suggest alumina ceramic lining as wear resistant chute liner

Chemshun Ceramics Company have much experience in designing and installing ceramic chute liner.typical abrasion resistant materials for chute include rubber ceramic wear liner and alumina ceramic lining like alumina plain tile, ceramic weldable tile etc.

But there is high temperature problem for chute in steel plant. The delivery materials always are high temperature , so alumina ceramic linings pasted by epoxy resin is easy to fall off . so Chemshun Ceramics normally suggest weldable ceramic liner tile for steel plant. Which can effectively protect chute and won’t fall off .

What Parts Deserved Wear Protection in Cement Plant

Equipment wear is a common problem faced by industrial enterprises. Cement enterprises are no exception, especially for new dry normal lines. Because the material transfer method mainly uses closed pneumatic conveying system, the wear problem has seriously affected the normal production of the cement industry and thus the production cost. And the increase in maintenance costs. Therefore, finding an economically viable equipment anti-wear method, greatly extending the service life of wear parts, is of great significance for improving equipment production efficiency, reducing production costs, and saving resources. Abrasion resistant ceramic linings is popular wear solution way in current market

In the past few years, domestically designed production lines, due to cost considerations, often seldom considered the wear protection of equipment, or only a few key equipment to wear, no comprehensive consideration of the cost of use, pre-protection of wearable equipment. As a result, the equipment in actual production is seriously worn and the failure rate is high. The cement factory does not affect the normal production, and the passive wear-proof method is often adopted. When a certain part is worn through, a piece of steel plate or other materials is added. Practice has proved that the direct result of this is that the equipment production efficiency is low, so which parts of equipment need abrasion resistant ceramic linings in cement?

According to the operation experience , Chemshun Ceramics concluded the cement parts like chute, hopper in limestone crushing and raw fuel pre-blending system.cyclone, separator, fan impeller and shell , mill outlet elbow in raw fuel grinding , homogenization and storage system. Abrasion resistant ceramics lined these equipments will greatly improve the production efficiency .

Chemshun will be your best partner of wear resistant ceramic

1. Tailor made engineered ceramic tiles available: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,Ltd has its own design group to make all kinds of wear resistant ceramic products to accept the custom size and shape from our customers.

2. Accept OEM&ODM wear engineered ceramics and project: We manufacture, we process, and we sell and we serve by ourselves, we always keep a very professional production team for abrasion resistant lining.

3. Provide professional industrial wear consult and solution: We accept to offer customers a systemic wear resistant solution for their engineering or mining, we will recommend our customer the suitable products for exact environment and temperature .

4. Accept small & big order quantity orders: Our factory has no MOQ for our products, sample order is also acceptable to customers.

5. Delivery fast: We have our shipping agent in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Qingdao, so that we can ship the goods according to customer’s shipping-port requirements, and we also accept international express for small and delivery fast by door-to-door service.

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