how is alumina tile manufacturered ?

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how is alumina tile manufacturered ?

Alumina tile also named aluminum oxide plate is a chemical ceramic material with low-wear, high specific gravity, high hardness, mainly alumina AL2O3 as the main material, after sintering at a high temperature of 1700 ℃, are widely used in the coal handling, feeding, milling, ash, dust removal system in thermal power, steel , Chemical industry, cement and other industries.

Because of high quality property ,alumina tile is applied as abrasion resistant linings much more than other materials. So most of people feel confused to know how is alumina ceramic tile produced. Chemshun Ceramics Manufacturer tell you alumina plate production process

Chemshun Ceramics often use raw materials alumina powder imported from Australia and France.after tested, alumina powder will be grinded in ball mill and Spray prilling tower. Finished powder will transfered into Isostatic pressing machines,so half-finished alumina brick comes out.

Then technicians will put half-finished bricks into tunnel kiln for sintering in high temperature of 1700 centi-degree. After 24 hours or more less , perfect alumina ceramic tile is produced well .

Beside alumina tile, Chemshun Ceramics can supply more abrasion resistant linings like ceramic lined pipe ,alumina hexagonal tile. Rubber ceramic hose etc.

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