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Dove-Tailor Ceramic Liner                                          

Dove-tailor wear ceramic liners is specially designed like the tail of swallow, which is installed by welding with steel sheet .

Installation :

At the beginning steel Card slot is welded into the equipment which need abrasin protection, at the same time , it is necessary to pay attention to the gap of steel card slot, which makes the ceramic liner perfectly fit for the gap. then along the steel card slot, install the dove-tailor ceramic liner into the space of two steel card slot. like following pictures:

Dove-Tailor Ceramic Liner

Advantage :

Dove-tailor ceramic liners have much advantage compared with other wear resistant liners :

>  Eazy to install

>  Hard to fall off from equipment because of welding installation.

>  High temperature resistant , up to 900 degree, becuase it is installed not by resein epoxy

>  Specially fit for dynamic operation equipment

>  Easy to maintain and replace when some piece break.

Application :

wear ceramics liner Application Power plants, cement high temperature flue pipes for waste heat power generation,pipelines sintering dust removal equipment in steel plant etc.

Dove-Tailor Ceramic Liner Dove-Tailor Ceramic Liner


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Product Technical Data (1:wear resistant ceramic)

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