Difference Among Alumina,ZTA, Zirconia Ceramics

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 Difference Among Alumina,ZTA, Zirconia Ceramics

Alumina ceramic lining, toughened alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics all can be used as wear resistant ceramics linings for heavy medium cyclones, cyclones, wear-resistant ceramic drums, chutes, pipes and so on.but they also have difference in property .

Everyone knows that natural alumina is corundum, Mosh hardness is 9, and zirconia has a Mosh  hardness of 8.5. However, from the point of view of wear resistance property ,the higher the hardness,not the better, but also see the ceramic toughness. hardness and toughness must be high to be the best for wear resistant ceramics. It is not that zirconia ceramics are inferior to alumina ceramics. The lattice phase of zirconia ceramics at high temperatures is very stable, and the zirconia ceramic lattice is damaged when it is reduced to normal temperature. Therefore, the alumina has a higher hardness at normal temperature for pure alumina and pure zirconia,

Toughened alumina ceramics are based on alumina to add a certain amount of zirconia ceramic ingredients, wear resistance and toughness between alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics, because the price of zirconia ceramics is higher, the user is disposable Large-scale investment,

As the continuous study and experiment of Chemshun Ceramics Company , We can supply wear resistant ceramic liners including alumina ceramics, zirconia toughened alumina ceramics, high pure zirconia ceramic materials . welcome to inquiry .


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