Ceramic Lined Pipe For Lithium Battery Industry

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Lithium battery industry transport material mainly by using 304 stainless steel lined with glass,but there are many problems with the current delivery of lithium batteries. First the glass is not wear-resistant, the powder is continuously washed and worn under the action of pressure, so the service life is about 6 months; second the conveyor system has many elbows, because the airflow changes the flow direction on the outside of the bend, and the wear of the elbow is particularly serious; Third frequent replacement of the conveyor system results in reducing production and increased production costs. Wear resistant ceramics lined steel pipe can effectively improve problems above.

Ceramic lined 304 stainless steel pipe with special ceramic adhesive, which are much better than glass lined steel pipe in working life and abrasion resistance because wear resistant ceramics has property of light weight, high temperature resistance, smooth surface etc.

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