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Ceramic Chute Liner For Steel Plant

Sintering plant, coking plant transport raw materials with iron ore, coking coal, coke for the next process,using a 24-hour cycle, the flow of iron ore, coking coal, coke is large, The long delivery time is easy to cause the output equipment, especially the chute to wear seriously; often bring the forced parking and mending during production, and some of the chutes are installed in a position of more than ten meters, tens of meters high in the midair, it has much trouble to be removed and replaced. so it is very important to improve the wear resistance and impact strength of the chute lining material. Chemshun Ceramics suggest alumina ceramic lining as wear resistant chute liner

Chemshun Ceramics Company have much experience in designing and installing ceramic chute liner.typical abrasion resistant materials for chute include rubber ceramic wear liner and alumina ceramic lining like alumina plain tile, ceramic weldable tile etc.

But there is high temperature problem for chute in steel plant. The delivery materials always are high temperature , so alumina ceramic linings pasted by epoxy resin is easy to fall off . so Chemshun Ceramics normally suggest weldable ceramic liner tile for steel plant. Which can effectively protect chute and won’t fall off .

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