Ash Leakage Solved By Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Lined Pipe

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Ash Leakage Solved By Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Lined Pipe

The pneumatic ash conveying elbow pipe of the thermal power plant are often worn through, causing the flying ash to be everywhere, also causing much more extra maintenance costs,In order to solve pipe leakage,some plants reduce the air pressure during soot blowing,which can reduce wear and save energy. This method does extend the life of the ash pipeline, but it does not solve the wear problem at all.

As an abrasion resistant ceramic liner supplier in China.Chemshun offer two soltion suggests for the pipe leakage problem in the thermal power plants.

1: Some plants main consider reducing cost. so ignore to install wear resistant linings inside the pneumatic conveying pipeline. so for a long time,ash delivery in high speed must bring heavy wear damage to the steel pipe. in order to avoid this situation.ceramic pipe or alumima tile lining are best wear solution materials for pipeline.

2:There are some pipeline system applied abrasion rsistant ceramic materials. but ash leakage appeared in half a according to design and installation experience of Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer. it is a desigh problem. such as low ash gas, faster ash gas mixture, and check whether the actual inner diameter of the entire pipe is consistent with the design. Under normal circumstances, the radius of the elbow is designed according to the technology. Increasing the turning radius of the elbow can reduce the wear to a certain extent.

Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer offer series of service for pipeline system.  abrasion resistant ceramic pipe design, cutting, installtion, welcome customer to inquiry more wear problem .

2:square boxes around the pipeline, grouting cement or adding castables and wear-resistant materials inside, the cost is not high. There is no difference between this method and patching. It can only be used in small areas, and it cannot solve problems in batches. The latest recommended method: We recommend that your pneumatic ash pipe wear is serious, one is to choose the material of the pipe material, you need to wear materials (such as ceramic composite pipe elbow, ceramic patch tube elbow, bimetallic composite pipe elbow, etc.) The temperature of the ceramic patch tube is 120 °C, the bimetallic composite tube can also be used, but the cost is much higher, and it is thicker. It is recommended to use ceramic composite tube and ceramic elbow. The temperature is 650 °C, it is not easy to age, not fall off. .

If the wear-resistant ceramic elbow can only be worn out in half a year, it is a design problem,

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