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92% Aluminium Oxide Ceramic Pipe Ring

Alumina ceramic pipe ring as wear resistant liners with largest size 320mm, nice choice for ash or powder conveying pipe lined ceramics .

Product Description:

Chemshun Abrasion resistant ceramic pipe lining (also called ceramic elbow bend pipe   or ceramic cylinder rings) mainly include elbows, straight pipes, tees, reducer pipes, etc, and they are used for ceramic lined pipework and fittings of pneumatic conveying and slurry pumping. The conveying medium is featured by high hardness, fast and big flow, alumina ceramic rings can effectively reduce the speed of wearing through by continuous impact, abrasion and corrosion to pipe wall when long-term conveying medium.

with the advantage of Cold isostatic pressing makes long lifetime, Maintenance-free operation makes no operation interruption and production losses. Good corrosion resistance to strong sour and alkali. Smooth surface to achieve good flowability and to avoid plugs. It is a kind of ideal products resistant to wear and corrosion protection material conveying. 

Aluminium Oxide Ceramic Pipe Ring

Applications :

Aluminium oxide ceramic pipe ring is widely used in lining,metallurgy,chemical Flyash pipework,electric power industries of coal powder,ash,liquid aluminum etc material conveying protection process.


Product Technical Data (1:wear resistant ceramic)

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