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Alumina ceramic tile mats                                         

Alumina ceramic tile mats combination of alumina wear liner and strong synthetic fabric mesh

Product Description:

Alumina Ceramic square tile mats is combination of high hardness alumina mosaic tile and backed silk , paper or net .the low friction , smooth surface prevents materials build-up in low inclination installations. The square ceramic tiles make it possible to bend the sheeting which makes it perfect protection for con-ave and convex surface .the sizes of ceramic square tile matted can be easily be adjusted by bending the sheeting and cutting it in between the ceramic tiles .this alumina ceramic square tile matted has advantages including : no specialist tools required, can be applied to most substrates . Convenient design for fast and easy application .

Alumina ceramic tile mats advantages :

> High hardness with Moh’s hardness 9 grade

> High abrasion and chemical resistance

> Easy installation by epoxy resin glue water

> Easy mending if someone hex tile drop off

> Various of alumina ceramic hex sheet size available

Alumina ceramic tile mats site

Package pictures :

Alumina ceramic tile mats.JPG Alumina ceramic tile mats package pictures.jpg

Product Technical Data (1:wear resistant ceramic)

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