Alumina ceramic lined hopper

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Alumina Ceramics Lined Hopper

Chemshun Ceramics not only supply standard ceramic tiles for hopper, but also offer whole pre-fabricated ceramic lined hopper equipment

Chemshun Alumina ceramic liners is best choice for hopper wear protection, chemshun can offer 92% 95% Al203 alunima ceramics tile for hopper maintenance, like welded tile ,engineered ceramic tile , customized ceramic tile liner ,plaint tile , rubber backed ceramic tile etc, it is easily fixed in hopper by epoxy resin glue.


Chemshun has technical team and installation team who can help the client to choose the suitable wear resistant ceramic products ,and also we have the ability to design and make the CAD drawings according to the client’s wear application.

The showing hopper is the chemshun ceramics ‘s Xinjiang Zijing mining company project (新疆紫荆矿业). Chemshun afforded the finished pre-fabricated alumina ceramics hopper to  Zijing mining.


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