Alumina Blocks

Alumina Blocks       

Chemshun® Alumina Ceramic Blocks are designed with tongues and grooves, it is used widely in pipe lining, ceramic rubber plate etc.

Product Features:

>  High hardness
> Superior abrasion resistance
> Corrosion and chemical resistance
> Light weight
> Can be applied in all kinds industrial abrasion solution field
Product Application:

Chemshun Alumina Ceramic Blocks are designed as per the requirements of the customers’ engineerings combined with the cost, installation and effective of application. Especially the blocks with tongues and grooves, Its obvious performance is that they could lock each other due to the tongues and grooves to increase the connectivity in whole engineering. So it is used widely in pipe lining, ceramic rubber plate in mining industry, steel plant, cement plant, port, power plant,etc.

Alumina Blocks

Product Technical Data (1:wear resistant ceramic)

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