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Abrasion resistant ceramic -Curved Pipe Tile Liner

Abrasion resistant ceramic is widely used in iron & steel works,thermal & power plants,port and terminals,cement industry etc. it is a technical skill to choose the right wear resistant ceramic tiles when various kinds of ceramic tiles are in front of you.today the curved pipe tile liner is the protagonist.

Why we choose curved pipe tile liner? when the materials are transported through the specialized equipment such as pipe,cyclone,chute,hopper,orifice etc,it generates friction force.the curved pipe tile liners are intentionally pasted on the surface of these equipment by the epoxy glue as protective parts which are against impact power for a long term under different temperatures. This kind of abrasion resistant ceramic is suitable for the application scenario where exists the higher temperature and bended surface .they combine themselves tightly by dovetail groove design, this helps liners fit in the equipment perfectly. In this case it performs excellent wear resistance.

Chemshun ceramics is a professional manufacturer in the abrasion resistant ceramics field, our curved pipe tile liner has good cost-effective quality, and our R&D department can design customized size with a design drawing as request. If you have interest,welcome your inquiry.

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